jueves, 17 de diciembre de 2015

My technological biography


I still remember my first time programming on a personal computer. It was a long time ago- 30 years ago, to be exact. I was living in Canada because my father´s scholarship .There, he bought a Tandy Radio Shack .
When we came back to Argentina I started programming Q Basic. At that time there was no Internet at home so the only way to learn it was through a book: "Basic para niños"
Technology was not considered as a subjet when I attended school. Just when I was 17 yeras old Ihad a teacher who taught me how to use Word and Excel (Miscrosoft)
Then, when I was 24 I bought my first personal computer and connected to the Intenet. I was so happy! I was able to learn a lot! Due to I was working as a primary school teacher it was hard to find time to study. However, I got several IT degrees:
Planificación por computadora Resolución 1066. Dirección de Educación Inicial y Primaria. (8 de diciembre de 2000)  INTEL Educar para el futuro UCC Facultad de Educación (marzo y abril de 2004)  Postítulo en Aplicaciones Informáticas UBP y La Voz del Interior (2007)  Creación de Material Educativo Multimedia Telecom - Profesores para el Futuro. UTN de Buenos Aires.  Curso E-learning para docentes (EDM) Manejo de plataforma Moodle Telecom - Profesores para el Futuro. UTN de Buenos Aires .  Nuevas tendencias de aprendizaje en la Red – Web 2.0 Ministerio de Educación - Gobierno de la Provincia de Córdoba. I loved usin Tecnology in every class!
I got married. I was prgnant of my first son whe I attended my final exam to became a web designer. Two weeks later, Santiago was born. The year when Ana Paula, my second child, was born, I was on line studying to become a Web Developer.
Raising children, working at school and studying was very difficult. Because all of these facts, I took the riskiest decision of my life: quit my job to pursue my dreams. After 15 years, I quit my teacher job.
I am actually working freelance and running my own business: IEventos ( web site that helps couples to organize their weddings through their own sites)
I have a long way to go, so many to learn, an amazing programming word to find out... and I am so exciting!!!

domingo, 22 de noviembre de 2015

My first collaboration

Today, I have had my first experience with GitHub. I have collaborated with an interesting project named CSSGram. It is about a library for recreating filters with CSS. What a wonderful experience!!!
I confronted with new challenges. First of all, downloading and understanding Git Shell were not easy.I have looked through many web sites and videos to use this console and command-lines. I remember me programming QBasic on my first computer: Radio Shack-I was 7 yeras old.

sábado, 14 de noviembre de 2015

Aprendiendo los animales en inglés

Una forma divertida de aprender los animales en inglés a través de sus nombres e imágenes escondidas. Colocando el puntero sobre cada palabra descubrirás el animal correspondiente.
Diseño programado en HTML y CSS. Sencillo y práctico para aplicar en diversos ámbitos educativos.
A través de dos imágenes superpuestas y la etiqueta "transition", logramos disipar la imagen de arriba y ver la que está debajo. De esta manera podremos enseñar a los niños los nombres de animales y todo lo que se nos ocurra en cualquier idioma.
También, podrán ejercitar la memoria tratando de recordar la ubicación de cada animal.
Líneas de códigos simples en HTML y CSS. 
Visita y juega en Animal Names